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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Grand Traverse Plastics recognizes that being a good corporate citizen is making a positive impact where we do business and is the basis for sustainability. Grand Traverse Plastics is committed to the welfare and health and safety of all its employees and contractors and to delivering socially and environmentally responsible products to our customers. We have a moral and ethical responsibility to respect human rights throughout our supply chain and make a difference where we operate. These include but are not limited to: providing a safe and healthy working environment, offering competitive wages and benefits, establishing reasonable working hours, allowing freedom of association, providing training and development of employees, intolerance of harassment and discrimination as well as, forced and child labor. In addition, suppliers must operate honestly and equitably in accordance with laws pertaining to terrorism, money laundering, corruption and conflicts of interest, anti-competitive business practices, protection of intellectual property, confidential information, company data and personal data, respect for company property, and export controls. Grand Traverse Plastics complies with all applicable laws, government regulations and rules in the countries where we operate.

We expect that our supply base does the same and enforces policies Suppliers shall, upon request, provide evidence of adherence to these global requirements. Failure to comply or failure to work with Grand Traverse Plastics to correct non-compliant situations is grounds for termination of our business relationship. Grand Traverse Plastics encourages suppliers to seek training in Corporate Compliance/Responsibility, Ethics, and Diversity. For details on no-cost AIAG Corporate Responsibility eLearning, go to:


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