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In-House Tooling

In-House Tooling

Precision Tooling

GTP has maintained a full-service in-house tool room for over 30 years which has grown and expanded to meet the needs of our current and future customers. We have a dedicated engineering, production and maintenance team that has extensive experience in tool building and the fabrication of flexible automation systems. Our in-house capabilities include design and manufacture of exceptional high quality plastic injection molds, prototypes, automation and End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT). Our extensive knowledge and experience of materials and the injection molding process is integrated into the project from the initial part design collaboration through the mold design process, resulting in a finished tool that is designed for efficient and cost effective production resulting in high-quality components and assemblies. GTP focuses on the very best tool design and the foundation for excellent manufacturing. We then match the injection mold with appropriate automation, end-of-arm tooling, and in-process validation to ensure a high quality part with repeatable quality performance.

We seek both local and global alternatives for our tooling sources to provide the best solution for our customers’ requirements and budget parameters. As a US-based company, we built and maintain strong relationships with domestic tooling sources that have a proven track-record of providing high-quality tooling solutions for us which allows GTP to offer multiple options for timely, cost-effective tooling sources.

GTP also performs its own in-house tool management on-site at our facility in Williamsburg, Michigan. GTP employs a strict injection mold tool maintenance program that includes stripping, cleaning, preventative maintenance plus a full mold inspection program to ensure normal wear and tear do not negatively affect our customer’s molds. We also maintain relationships with a variety of outside reputable tooling shops allowing us to provide our customers with a mold that is the right fit for their needs.

From simple engineering changes to new tooling projects, GTP has the capabilities and resources to handle the most complex injection molded parts.  Additionally, our offshore partnerships can provide cost effective tooling solutions. The result is a plastic injection mold that effectively withstands the rigorous demands of high-pressure injection molding.

-   Rapid Prototyping

GTP has made considerable investment in the development of its prototyping, analysis and testing capabilities benefitting our customers in many areas. GTP offers an array of rapid prototyping options like 3D printing to support part design, Metal-to-Plastic conversions, and to produce small run prototype parts for testing by our customers. We have the ability to print in various materials such as; ASA, ABS, PC-ABS, PPS, HIPS, Nylon, Nylon-Carbon, Nylon 66, Iglide (self-lubricating polymer), PETG, PLA, PPA, TPU as well as other engineering resins. We also support automation efforts in using 3D printing for printing custom jigs, workpiece holders, overhead/assembly robot end-of-arm tooling and check fixtures.

Other options for prototyping include soft aluminum and P20 steel. This often allows for the use of prototype tools to support small/limited production part runs.

Together with Moldflow and FEA software suites, GTP’s engineering and manufacturing groups can add tremendous value in the design for manufacturability process

Precision injection mold tooling requires not only advanced technological capabilities but also a zero-defect mindset, culture and the highest levels of design integrity. GTP’s internal tooling capabilities ensure that customer applications will perform as designed not only at production launch, but consistently throughout the life of the program.

+   Conformal Cooling

Conformal Cooling technology allows GTP to place three dimensional cooling channels in areas where conventional mold building technologies won’t allow. As result, GTP can produce parts with uniform part cooling allowing superior dimensional, warp and flatness tolerances.

+   Offshore Options

In today’s competitive environment, we may utilize tool sources outside of the U.S. if our customers budget mandates a cost-based solution or challenging time-frame that cannot be achieved state side. GTP has many years of experience using overseas tooling resources that have been thoroughly evaluated to be reputable providers capable of producing injection mold tooling which meets GTP’s and our customers high standards for quality workmanship. We have developed an extensive control program consisting of explicit tooling requirements and regimented follow-up activities. Before any tooling is built by one of our overseas partners, the mold design is reviewed extensively by our engineering team and must conform to our strict requirements.

Rapid Prototyping Conformal Cooling

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