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Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Scientific Injection Molding

GTP employs scientific injection molding which is a disciplined approach to determine and control the optimum injection molding parameters, to produce consistent quality molded parts at a lower overall cost. Using scientific molding techniques, GTP establishes consistent, repeatable plastic injection molding process parameters based on predictable facts and data.  Focusing on part design, mold design, material selection, and measurement of plastic injection molding parameters, GTP systematically eliminates variables that would result in defective or out-of-spec parts.

GTP applies the latest in scientific injection molding technology, coupled with the experience of our highly trained team and innovative engineering, to ensure the optimal plastic injection molding process controls, repeatability and part quality.  

Some benefits of scientific injection molding include:

  Higher Yield and lower material consumption

  Optimized process and cycle times

  Consistent repeatability and part quality-every set-up and part run

  Improved flow control with no weld lines or surface flaws

  Reliable process documentation

-   Engineered Resins

Since its inception in 1981, GTP has utilized literally hundreds of different materials to effectively meet our customers price and performance specification. This includes high performance polymers which are critical for our metal-to-plastic part conversions, engineered polymers filled and un-filled commodity and custom formulations known for their UL flame retardancy/heat resistance and enhanced/commodity resins filled, high impact, anti-static, scratch resistant PP and TPO’s along with injection mold grade HDPE, LDPE, PVS & PPS. GTP has a deep-rooted material supply base and has been working with a core set of specialty suppliers for over 20 years. This has allowed GTP to develop trusting relationships with these suppliers. As a result, GTP collaboratively works with these suppliers and customers in developing, testing and analyzing material formulations that meet or exceed customer requirements for new and metal-to-plastic applications.

With this broad resin exposure and experience, GTP has been able to hone its manufacturing capabilities to produce plastic injection molded components and assemblies across a full range of materials from high performance polymers to commodity resins.

+   RJG Technology (eDART Systemâ„¢)

RJG Technology (eDART System™) is a comprehensive process monitoring system resulting in improvement of molding quality, productivity, and profitability.

Engineered Resins RJG Technology (eDART Systemâ„¢)

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